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Pantasign Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate offers robust authentication and data integrity for digital transactions, ensuring secure and legally binding exchanges in the digital realm. Tailored for businesses and individuals engaging in sensitive online activities, this certificate adheres to stringent regulatory standards and cryptographic protocols.

Key Features:

  • Strong Authentication: Leveraging advanced cryptographic algorithms, Pantasign Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate verifies the identity of the signer with a high level of confidence, safeguarding against impersonation and fraud.

  • Data Integrity: Ensures the integrity of electronic documents and transactions by providing a tamper-evident seal, guaranteeing that the content remains unchanged from the time of signing.

  • Legal Validity: Recognized by regulatory authorities and courts of law, Pantasign Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate holds legal significance equivalent to traditional handwritten signatures, enabling seamless adoption of electronic documentation in compliance-driven environments.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications including e-filing of taxes, online bidding, e-procurement, secure email communication, and other electronic transactions requiring a high level of security and trust.

  • Interoperability: Compatible with various software platforms and applications, facilitating smooth integration into existing workflows and systems without compromising usability or efficiency.

  • Certificate Revocation Check: Provides real-time validation of certificate status through online Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) or Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), ensuring the validity of signatures and enhancing trust in digital interactions.


  • Enhanced Security: Mitigates risks associated with identity theft, data breaches, and unauthorized access, enhancing overall security posture and protecting sensitive information.

  • Streamlined Processes: Expedites business operations by eliminating manual paperwork, reducing administrative overhead, and enabling rapid execution of electronic transactions.

  • Cost Savings: Drives cost efficiencies by reducing paper consumption, postage expenses, and administrative overhead associated with traditional documentation processes.

  • Compliance Assurance: Helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and industry standards governing electronic transactions, ensuring adherence to legal and contractual obligations.

Pantasign Class 3 IEC (DGFT) 3 Years in Proxkey NEW "WD" Token

Taxes Included
    • Organizational Identity Verification: Rigorous verification processes are conducted to verify the identity of the organization applying for the certificate.
    • High Assurance Level: Class 3 certificates offer the highest level of assurance for online transactions and communications.
    • Legal Validity: Signatures made using Class 3 Organization DSC are legally binding and hold the same weight as handwritten signatures.
    • Secure Key Pair: Utilizes a secure key pair consisting of a private key (kept confidential within the organization) and a public key (shared openly).
    • Encryption Capability: Provides robust encryption features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data.
    • Digital Signing: Enables the organization to digitally sign documents, contracts, forms, and transactions using advanced cryptographic techniques.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with industry standards and regulations mandated by regulatory bodies and government authorities.
    • Validity Period: Typically valid for one to three years, after which renewal is required to continue using the certificate.
    • Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications including e-procurement, e-tendering, online bidding, contract signing, and other business transactions.
    • Verification Process: Requires thorough verification of organizational documents, legal entity proofs, and other relevant information during issuance.
    • Revocation Mechanism: Provides a mechanism to revoke the certificate in case of loss, compromise, or organizational changes to prevent unauthorized usage.
    • Tamper-proof: Incorporates measures to prevent tampering or alteration of the digital signature.
    • Compatibility: Compatible with various software applications and platforms supporting digital signatures, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.
    • Authentication Measures: May involve multi-factor authentication methods to ensure the authenticity of the signing organization.
    • Audit Trail: Generates a digital audit trail for all signed transactions, facilitating accountability and traceability.
    • Enhanced Security: Offers advanced security features to protect against unauthorized access and misuse of the certificate.

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