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An XtraTrust Class 3 Organization Digital Signature Certificate is similar to the individual counterpart but is issued to organizations rather than individuals. Here's an overview of what you can expect from an XtraTrust Class 3 Organization Digital Signature Certificate:

1. **Identity Verification:** Just like with individual certificates, CAs perform thorough identity verification processes to ensure that the organization applying for the certificate is legitimate and authorized to represent itself digitally.

2. **Strong Authentication:** Class 3 Organization certificates employ robust authentication mechanisms, often involving cryptographic keys stored on secure hardware tokens or smart cards, to provide strong authentication of the organization's identity.

3. **Digital Signatures:** Organizations use Class 3 certificates to digitally sign electronic documents, transactions, and communications with a high level of security and legal validity. These signatures offer assurances of the organization's identity and the integrity of the signed data.

4. **Legal Validity:** Similar to individual certificates, digital signatures created with Class 3 Organization certificates typically hold the same legal standing as handwritten signatures in many jurisdictions. This makes them suitable for use in legally binding contracts, agreements, and other important documents.

5. **Encryption:** Class 3 Organization certificates can also be utilized for encrypting sensitive data, ensuring that only authorized parties within the organization can access the encrypted information.

Overall, XtraTrust Class 3 Organization Digital Signature Certificates are designed to meet the stringent security requirements of organizations where ensuring the authenticity of the organization's identity and the integrity of digital communications and transactions are paramount.

XtraTrust Class 3 Organisation Combo 2 Years Without Token

Taxes Included
    • Organizational Identity Verification: Rigorous verification processes are conducted to verify the identity of the organization applying for the certificate.
    • High Assurance Level: Class 3 certificates offer the highest level of assurance for online transactions and communications.
    • Legal Validity: Signatures made using Class 3 Organization DSC are legally binding and hold the same weight as handwritten signatures.
    • Secure Key Pair: Utilizes a secure key pair consisting of a private key (kept confidential within the organization) and a public key (shared openly).
    • Encryption Capability: Provides robust encryption features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data.
    • Digital Signing: Enables the organization to digitally sign documents, contracts, forms, and transactions using advanced cryptographic techniques.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with industry standards and regulations mandated by regulatory bodies and government authorities.
    • Validity Period: Typically valid for one to three years, after which renewal is required to continue using the certificate.
    • Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications including e-procurement, e-tendering, online bidding, contract signing, and other business transactions.
    • Verification Process: Requires thorough verification of organizational documents, legal entity proofs, and other relevant information during issuance.
    • Revocation Mechanism: Provides a mechanism to revoke the certificate in case of loss, compromise, or organizational changes to prevent unauthorized usage.
    • Tamper-proof: Incorporates measures to prevent tampering or alteration of the digital signature.
    • Compatibility: Compatible with various software applications and platforms supporting digital signatures, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.
    • Authentication Measures: May involve multi-factor authentication methods to ensure the authenticity of the signing organization.
    • Audit Trail: Generates a digital audit trail for all signed transactions, facilitating accountability and traceability.
    • Enhanced Security: Offers advanced security features to protect against unauthorized access and misuse of the certificate.

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