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The IDSign Class 3 Organisation Digital Signature Certificate is a high-assurance digital certificate designed for organizational use. Here's a detailed description:

1. **Level of Assurance (Class 3)**: This digital certificate belongs to Class 3, which is the highest level of assurance defined by certification authorities. It offers the highest level of security and trust, making it suitable for critical and high-value transactions.

2. **Issued to Organizations**: Unlike individual digital certificates, the IDSign Class 3 Organisation DSC is issued specifically to organizations rather than individuals. It enables authorized representatives of the organization to sign electronic documents and conduct secure online transactions on behalf of the organization.

3. **Identity Verification Process**: Before issuing this certificate, the certification authority (CA) conducts a thorough identity verification process to ensure the legitimacy of the organization and its representatives. This process may involve verifying legal documents, company registration details, and the identity of authorized signatories.

4. **Use Cases**: The IDSign Class 3 Organisation DSC is ideal for organizations engaged in activities such as electronic bidding, e-tendering, online contracts, financial transactions, and any other scenarios requiring strong authentication and non-repudiation.

5. **Security Features**: This digital certificate employs advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of electronic data and communications. It provides robust protection against unauthorized access, tampering, and forgery.

6. **Legal Validity**: The IDSign Class 3 Organisation DSC holds legal validity equivalent to handwritten signatures in many jurisdictions. It complies with relevant laws and regulations governing digital signatures and electronic transactions, ensuring the enforceability of electronically signed documents.

7. **Renewal and Revocation**: Like all digital certificates, the IDSign Class 3 Organisation DSC has a finite validity period. Organizations must renew the certificate before it expires to maintain uninterrupted access to secure online services. Additionally, in the event of compromise or misuse, the CA has the authority to revoke the certificate to prevent further unauthorized use.

Overall, the IDSign Class 3 Organisation Digital Signature Certificate offers organizations a robust and legally recognized solution for conducting secure and trustworthy electronic transactions, with a high level of assurance and confidence in the integrity of digital communications.

IDSign Class 3 Organisation Signing 3 Years Without Token

Taxes Included
    • High-Level Security: Class 3 designation signifies the highest level of security and validation provided by digital certificates.

    • Organization Authentication: Certifies the identity of the organization or entity, ensuring that it is legally recognized and verified.

    • Tamper-Proof Signatures: Digital signatures produced using this certificate are tamper-proof, meaning they cannot be altered or forged without detection.

    • Legally Binding: Digital signatures generated with this certificate hold legal validity, making them suitable for use in contracts, agreements, and other legally binding documents.

    • Trusted Certificate Authority (CA): Issued by a trusted Certificate Authority after thorough validation of the organization's identity and credentials.

    • Use Cases: Commonly used for secure online transactions, such as e-commerce, online banking, government applications, and other instances requiring a high level of security and trust.

    • Protection Against Fraud: Enhances security and protects both the organization and its clients or users from fraud and unauthorized access.

    • Encryption: Often involves encryption of data to ensure confidentiality and privacy in online communications and transactions.

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